[OpenAFS] AFS - Win 98 problem: Unable to authenticate because: 'code =98: requested ticket lifetime invalid'

Pieter-Paul Giesberts (ELN) Pieter-Paul.Giesberts@eln.ericsson.se
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 14:25:32 +0200


I've succesfully installed OpenAFS on several server and client machine's (Solaris, Win NT, Linux). The (Solaris) server and clients use OpenAFS 1.0.4, the Linux Clients are upgraded to 1.2.0 and the WinNT clients use 1.0 4.01. They all operate without any errors (so far).

Now I tried to install OpenAFS 1.1.1a on a Win98 box, but I've encountered some errors:
1) The 'AFS' startmenu-group is not created, nor is the launch program added to the startup menu.
2) There is a shortcut file in the AFS directory with the name Runonce, but it's link (runonce.bat) does not exist.
3) (More disturbingly) When starting the launch program by hand and filling in user credentials and password it says: AFS Client warning: Unable to authenticate to AFS because: 'code =98: requested ticket lifetime invalid'

Looking in the log window it says:
<date, time> AFS Client Console started succesfully [<computername>]
<date, time> On WSAEvent FD_READ(0)
<date, time> Unable to authenticate

At first I thought it might be a problem with DNS, but it can't be , because I tried putting the name/IP number in the clients hosts file. 
Then I figured it might be a problem with routing (there is a very low security firewall in between the server and this PC). However, the strange thing is that when I remove the user name and password and then try to connect (i.e. without authentication), everything works fine. I can browse through my directory structure etc (only as 'anyuser' of course). But when I then try to run klog I get the same error message again. 

Can anyone tell me whats going on? Is it the firewall after all?


Pieter-Paul Giesberts