[OpenAFS] small problems with openafs rpm, 1.2 w/ redhat 7.1

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
22 Sep 2001 10:06:50 -0400

doug@pnl.gov writes:

> I believe kpasswd should be kapasswd. kpwvalid is because I don't have
> the server installed. rxgen is because I don't have the devel packages
> installed. I assume up might be one of the up commands in the server
> (upclient, upserver) not sure on dlog, dpass, knfs, pagsh.krb (pagsh?),
> translate_et, xstat_cm_test, ort xstat_fs_test.
> any ideas?

Yea, these are programs that are built by default but not installed by
the RPMs (for one reason or another).  The way the compat RPM is
built, it symlinks everything that gets built.  Unless this is causing
you trouble, I'd suggest you just ignore it.  Most people shouldn't be
using the compat RPM anyways ;)

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