[OpenAFS] Re: OpenAFS with Mac OS X

Steve Burling srb@umich.edu
Mon, 24 Sep 2001 13:17:44 -0400

--On Monday, 24 Sep 2001 15:10:12 +0200, Cyrille Artho <artho@inf.ethz.ch>

> I cannot get OpenAFS to work with Mac OS X. Each time the finder is
> started, it tries to read the entire /afs/*/* content, which makes the
> system wait indefinitely for all the cells.
> I have heard that a solution entails a setup where only the local cell
> is in /afs/mycell.com and the rest is in /afs/external/*, symlinked in
> /afs/*.
> However, I could not create such a setup that actually worked. Does
> anybody know how to achieve this (please give *all* required settings,
> i.e., /var/db/openafs/etc/config/*, /var/db/openafs/etc/cacheinfo, and
> any scripts required), or how to solve the finder problem in a different
> way?

To which I reply:

Here's how my afsd.options looks:

-memcache -blocks 48000 -daemons 3 -volumes 70 -nosettime -rootvol user.srb

Here's cacheinfo (untouched by me from the distribution):


ThisCell is umich.edu.

The root volume from afsd.options is *my* volume.  In that volume, I have a 
mount point:

[srb:~] srb% fs lsm /afs/umich.edu
'/afs/umich.edu' is a mount point for volume '#root.cell.readonly'

which means that all my pathnames of the form /afs/umich.edu/<whatever> 
work properly.  I've added a couple of other mount points for the things I 
use routinely (like the engin and lsa cells here).

This obviously isn't a good multi-user solution; a couple of here at UM are 
talking about how that might work better, but with no real progress so far.

We've also done some sick and disgusting hacks that involve replacing 
/System/Library/CoreServices/WindowServer with a script that runs the real 
WindowServer inside a pagsh, so that all the GUI apps run with appropriate 
privileges.  To make this work, your OS X uid must match your viceid.

                                             -- Steve

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