[OpenAFS] What do these messages mean ?

Jean-Marc Chaton jcn@austin.ibm.com
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 14:15:56 +0200

* Hartmut Reuter [Tue, 25/09/2001 at 13:53 +0200]
> > Tue Sep 25 11:56:38 2001 VL_RegisterAddrs rpc failed; will retry periodically (code=5376, err=4)
> You can get the text by translate_et:
where is that 'translate_et' utility ?

> ~: translate_et 5376
> 5376 (u).0 = no quorum elected
> The server could not register his IP-addresses at the vldb. This
> requires a write access to the database and is therefor only possible at
> the sync-site.
> "no quorume elected" means your database servers could not find a sync
> site among them. Reason may be inconsistent /usr/afs/etc/CellServDB
> files or a network problem.

For the time beeing this is the only machine in the Cell. On time I tried
to add another db in the cell and failed, I then reverted to this one
machine config
> > Tue Sep 25 11:56:38 2001 Couldn't get CPS for AnyUser, will try again in 30 seconds; 
> ~: translate_et 267275
> 267275 (pt).11 = database needs rebuilding
> The ptserver database is in a bad state. (The fileserver tries to get
> the information about system:anyuser at startup.) 

Obviously there is something here:  prdb.DB0 sizes only 64 bytes. So it
looks like I lost it. I gonna try to rebuilt it with the entries I have in
the KDC.

digging around I found mention of an prdb_check utility in Transarc doc,
but didn't find it in openafs, where is it ?

Thanks Hartmut.

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