[OpenAFS] compiling afs on solaris2.6

Peter Huesser peter.huesser@psi.ch
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 09:49:55 +0200


I tried to compile openafs-1.2.1 as well as version 1.2.0 using:

    ./configure --prefix=/afsautoclient
    make install

The first two steps run without any problem but executing the
installation I get the following error message:

No efs stuff for sun4x_56
cd src; cd vol ; make install
make[3]: Entering directory `/export/tmp/openafs-1.2.1/src/vol'
/export/tmp/openafs-1.2.1/src/pinstall/pinstall vlib.a
/export/tmp/openafs-1.2.1/src/pinstall/pinstall vlib.a
/export/tmp/openafs-1.2.1/src/pinstall/pinstall -s salvager
/export/tmp/openafs-1.2.1/src/pinstall/pinstall -s volinfo
make[3]: *** No rule to make target `/afsautoclient/sbin/fs_conv_sol26',
needed by `install'.  Stop.

Any ideas what I have to do ?

Thank's for any help