[OpenAFS] Windows2000 - Can't Find Root Cell

James Peterson jimpeter@us.ibm.com
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 09:37:39 -0700

>Installed v 1.1.1 now on win2k twice.  both times install went okay, but
>afs fails to start.

>I use my one abbreviated afsdcell.ini -- limit the cells available.  afs
>puts three events in the log.  the only one that has anything helpfull is
>something to the effect that the service cant find a root cell in

1. make user afsdcell.ini looks correct (your's does)

2. ping to server
     ping asu.edu

3. Check contents of Cell in the system registry
This value should be a valid AFS cell supported by your server (asu.edu).

4.  Check the "Event Monitor - Applications" for AFS error messages.

James Peterson
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