[OpenAFS] RAID, AFS and tokens

Petros Triantafyllidis trian@itc.auth.gr
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 09:29:39 +0200 (EET)

Sorry for the long silence, but other commitments prevented my instant

 As it came out, Craig Everhart was right who believed that the RAID
plugging was not the reason for unability of Windows clients to obtain

Just to answer some of Shyh-Wei Luan's questions:

> Are you using a Kerberos 5 authentication server or the kaserver that
> comes with AFS?  If you are using a kerberos 5 server, do you see the
> following error message in the KDC log?

We are using Kerberos IV

> If you are using kaserver, is the machine with the new RAID an
> authentication server?
Yes it is.

> Do you have multiple authentication servers in
> your cell?  If so, do they *all* listen to both port 88 and 750? Are
> they running on the same platforms and are they running the same version
> of Transarc AFS or OpenAFS?

This is the only thing changed in our cell before the primary server's
restart. A second server (wich is also authentication server) was added
running RH 7.2 and OpenAFS. The first one was Solaris 2.6 and
Transarc's AFS. The new server listens both ports 88 and 750, according to

> Would it be possible that the server with
> the new RAID configured was not really functioning correctly and
> completely as an authentication server?  In this case, all the clients
> would then be authenticating with other authentication server(s), if you
> have any. Maybe the Windows clients are not dealing with the fail-over
> situation or the other authentication server as well as the other client
> platforms do???

This was my suspicion too. Now that I realized that the RAID was not the
reason, I am trying to find out what the possible cause could be. The main
server needed a "boot -r" to let the Win clients get authenticated.

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