[OpenAFS] National chars. sets problem? (Win 95/98 AFS client)

Lubos Kejzlar kejzlar@civ.zcu.cz
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 17:17:57 +0100 (CET)


On 26 Feb 2002, Balazs GAL wrote:

> [...]
> Yes! I wrote a mail about it, with subj:
> [OpenAFS smb server codepage vs. win client cp]
> but it was never answered.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to use AFS client with non-US Win9x :-(

> The problem:
> It seems, the OpenAFS client's smb server use
> the iso8859-2 or the win-1250 codepage,
> (i don't know exactly witch of them)
> and the windows clients use the cp852.
> So our country specific characters don't
> appear correct in file names.
> [...]

> This problem is the same with 9x- or NT-AFS clients.

There is _IS REALLY BIG_ difference for us:

- Win-NT/2000 AFS clients can display and access files/dirs with
  non-ASCII characters 'OK' (I can live easily with garbaged
  characters on display :-)

- Win9x AFS clients _CAN CREATE_ non-ASCII files/dirs, but then are
  _UNABLE neither ACCESS nor READ such files_ :-(((

  This feature makes AFS client on such platforms _VIRTUALLY UNUSABLE_
  (for instance: 'MS-explorer -> right mouse click -> create new folder'
  defaults to 'localized' folder name ('new folder' translation) which
  cannot be accessed/renamed/deleted anymore :-((

> What is the solution?

I don't have any yet. Perhaps someone other could help??

Thanks in advance for ANY suggestion!!

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