[OpenAFS] anybody using mod_afs in Apache 1.3.23?

Tim Carlson tim.carlson@pnl.gov
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 10:55:21 -0800 (PST)

So I have a running installation of Apache 1.3.20 and mod_afs that I
hacked together at some point by adding in the following to my configure
of apache.

 EXTRA_LIBS="/path/to/libraries/libapacheafs.a /path/to/libraries/libsys.a"
./configure  --add-module=/path/to/libraries/mod_afs.c

Now this seemed to work fine for my 1.3.20 so I went on to duplicate it
for 1.3.23 and now I am stuck with errors like this in my error_log

AFS Authentication Module: Path:/files0/www/htdocs//manual/images/openssl_ics.gif
AFS Authentication Module: pid:29397 r->uri:/manual/images/mod_ssl_sb.gif
AFS Authentication Module: AFSAuthType: AFS
AFS Authentication Module: No authline recieved
AFS Authentication Module: pid:29397 No Authorization field. Unlogging ...

1) I had to hack at mod_afs.c and the apache modules.c file a bit to make
apache happy with the name of the module
2) Using OpenAFS 1.2.0 for the libapacheafs.a and libsys.a
3) Doing this on Solaris 8 while talking with Transarc 3.6 servers

The above information is pretty minimal. I'm just looking to see if anyone
is using mod_afs.c with the most recent Apache.. Maybe someone could shoot
me a howto instead of me banging my head on this for the rest of the

Oh and I tried doing the same thing with mod_afs as a shared module by
building it as

apxs -a -c mod_afs.c -L. -lapacheafs -lsys (+some crap to get libgcc.a)

and I get the same errors.


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