[OpenAFS] Linux Kernel 2.4.17, klog problems after source bui ld

Ingmar Koecher koecheri@MAIL.LIB.MSU.EDU
Wed, 6 Mar 2002 17:47:34 -0500

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> On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Ingmar Koecher wrote:
> > Today I installed another Redhat 7.2 machine and installed 
> the new 2.4.17
> > kernel. Then I
> > couldn't start afs because no modules existed for the 
> 2.4.17 kernel. OK I
> > thought, and I
> > downloaded the AFS source, compiled and installed it.
> If you want to use the Transarc path for the CellServDB 
> (/usr/vice/etc)
> you need to either say --with-transarc-paths or better yet specify the
> same options the spec file for the RedHat 7.2 RPMs did.

I was thinking about recompiling it, but since compiling took quite a long
time on that P166 I thought I would try to get it working.

Where can I see the options from the spec file?

> Any reason you didn't use the openafs-kernel-source-1.2.3.i386.rpm to
> build just a kernel module, which was all you needed?
Ahem, what can I say. There is a reason - I didn't know I could, or didn't
think enough to make myself know. I will try that out now, purge the
files, install the rpms and compile the kernel modules.

But I am still confused as to why klog doesn't work ... "fs listcells" even
the correct cells (I even started reading the documentation now) ...

Thanks a lot,