[OpenAFS] generating a listing of Mount points

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
11 Mar 2002 14:35:14 -0500

There is no way to know all the mount points that belong to
a volume.  The reason is that the mount point can live in another
cell, and there is no way you can know that.


"David R Boldt" <dboldt@usgs.gov> writes:

> Does anyone have a program that they are willing to share 
> which will generate a listing of AFS mount points (from Salvager 
> output)? 
> I was part way through a Perl program to accomplish this
> and suddenly had the sense that I was probably reinventing 
> a wheel.
>                                           -- David Boldt
>                                              <dboldt@usgs.gov>

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