[OpenAFS] .Xauthority issues

Martin Schulz schulz@iwrmm.math.uni-karlsruhe.de
12 Mar 2002 19:35:06 +0100


due to the directory-wise access control in AFS, the files in the
homedirectory are open for anyone I like to give access to part of my
data. However, there are several files that are not for public. 

The ususal handling is to move these into a subdirectory with a more
restrictive ACL and supply a link from the original location pointing
into that subdirectory. 

That works well for .ssh, but not for ~/.Xauthority. I observed that
the link gets deleted and replaced by a new file, again open to read. 

I can't be the first one to face that, what are your solutions to this
problem? I already found out that both {x,g,k)dm and sshd show the
abovementioned behaviour. 

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