[OpenAFS] unix permissions and MacOS X

steve rader rader@ginseng.hep.wisc.edu
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 18:44:53 -0600

 >> From: Chaskiel M Grundman <cg2v@andrew.cmu.edu>
 >> Unfortunately, it does it the wrong and fast way, using stat(2), rather 
 >> than access(2).

 > From: Alexei Kosut <akosut@stanford.edu>
 > In my experience, it affects Cocoa applications also (mainly in the
 > Open and Save dialogs).  The solution I've settled on, until Apple
 > fixes this, is to have OpenAFS report fake mode bits so that Mac OS X
 > doesn't get a chance to try and enforce them.  It means that programs
 > that care about the exact mode of a file will get the wrong
 > information, but so far this hasn't turned out to be an issue.
 > The patch I'm using (against OpenAFS 1.2.3) is here:
 > <http://www.stanford.edu/~akosut/macosx/openafs/permission.patch>

a simple kludge i've used is to 

 find . -print | xargs chmod go+r

in any directory trees you want to show up in the finder
or other carbon apps.  (i don't remember, but i may have
also done "find . -type d -print | xargs chmod go+x"?)

afs ignores the bits so why not set 'em?  is there anything
really wrong with that?

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