[OpenAFS] Problem with Windows Clients ME + XP

Shyh-Wei Luan luan@almaden.ibm.com
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 19:59:28 -0800

To view the Windows 9x/ME AFSD window, right click on the "AFS Control
Center" icon, select "properties" , append "-show" to the command line: for
example it may look like  C:\AFSCLI\WINAFSLOAD.EXE -SHOW   Save the

Now click start the "AFS Control Center" now and take a look at what's
going on in the "AFS Client Console" window.

Shyh-Wei Luan

"Frauke Cremer" <frauke.cremer@esc-electronics.de>@openafs.org on
2002/03/13 03:29:23 AM

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Subject:    [OpenAFS] Problem with Windows Clients ME + XP

We are using Windows ME and Windows XP on some of our workstations. I tried
to get both clients running, under Win ME and Win XP but had no luck:

Win 2000 Client does not install at all under Windows XP when chosen other
language than English, otherwise throws some errors, finally installs
somehow and somewhere but doesn't connect.

Win 9x/ME client installs without problems, but won't connect.
Here's what the logfile of the ME client says:

(11:20: 3-960)Socket Connect
(11:20: 3-960)AFS:StartupMicrosoft wsock32.dll, ver2.2, 32bit of Jun  7
2000, at 21:34:15.
(11:20: 3-960)comctl32 5.81
(11:20: 3-960)Shell32 5.50
(11:20: 3-960)ADVAPI32 4.90
(11:20: 9-890)Start AFSD Creation
(11:20: 9-890)AFSD Creation done - wait for notification
(11:20:49-880)OnAfsEvent AFS Client timed out, failure to respond
Check Network Connection.
(11:20:49-880)AFS Client timed out, failure to respond
Check Network Connection.

Tested on three different machines. Network connection itself is ok, TCP/IP
stack works. Linux clients can connect to server and work fine, so it's not
the AFS server itself. No useful entry in syslog on server. Are ME and XP
supported at all? Other possible problem sources known?

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