[OpenAFS] scalability

eichin-oa@boxedpenguin.com eichin-oa@boxedpenguin.com
16 Mar 2002 19:48:19 -0500

> as well: ie how many sys admins does it take to manage 100gigs of AFS
> space  and 40000 users, 

Was there some units confusion here? With numbers like that, you don't
need admins - you need people to take user complaints about having
only two floppy disks worth of storage :-)

thok.org is 200G with about a dozen casual users and (effectively) no
sysadmin... just me going and updating the binaries and creating new
volumes.  (At that, more of what I'm doing now should be automated -
if I actually added new users with any frequency, I'd be using the
boxedpenguin adduser script, but my main activities are "splitting a
directory off into a volume" [and wow would it be nice to have an
"fs cut-here" feature :-)] and "adding more cheap disks"...