[OpenAFS] fetchmail / afs / segfault revisited

Johnny B . Johnny B ." <syborg@stny.rr.com
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 14:25:07 -0500

Thanks Mr. Clancy -

I was trying this on a zillion different boxes and I finally had the
time to sit down and try it from scratch, on one box. I removed
fetchmail and procmail from a system and then logged into it and built
procmail and fetchmail from scratch and installed them in my afs

Fetchmail doesn't segfault anymore, seems to work fine. I check on the
other boxes and on one fetchmail was suid. Not sure why, unless I
changed it late one night and forgot. Thanks for the hint.

It turns out that the villain is now procmail. It cant seem to read my
~/.procmailrc for some reason so it must not have a token:

[johnnyb@picard johnnyb]$ which fetchmail
[johnnyb@picard johnnyb]$ which procmail
[johnnyb@picard johnnyb]$ fetchmail -avk
#************procmail: Suspicious rcfile
procmail: Couldn't read "/afs/vonbek.dhs.org/usr/johnnyb/.procmailrc"

The .procmailrc file exists and works fine in a non-AFS account. I've
tried the pagsh (and just plain old sh) you mentioned below but that
fails as, although I have a token, `whoami` is not the owner of the
AFS files (AFS handles login in my cell).

procmail is chmod'd to 0700 - I'm looking into how to force it to get
a token.

Thanks again - JB

On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 09:17:07PM -0600, Charles Clancy wrote:
> Is fetchmail setuid for some reason?  If it's switching to a different uid
> before running, then that uid may not have a token.  Try doing a pagsh,
> klog, and then run fetchmail.
> [ t charles clancy ]--[ tclancy@uiuc.edu ]--[ www.uiuc.edu/~tclancy ]
> On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Johnny B . wrote:
> > Hello All
> >
> > I'm trying to run fetchmail from my AFS account and it segfaults
> > immediately. I mentioned this before but couldn't find anyone having
> > similar failures :-(
> >
> > This time, I may have found the fault using strace, but I'm not sure
> > how to interpret it. It looks like fetchmail may not be running with
> > my token, even though it's running from my ~/bin. Here is the end of
> > the strace output:

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