[OpenAFS] AFS FTP Permissions

Michael Aldrich maldrich@reserveamerica.com
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 13:17:40 -0500

I can connect to the server via FTP, and also send/receive files from/to my
local computer. I get a 'Permission Denied' error when I try to put a new
file in any directory under /afs.
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> > I created a login to use for FTP'ing to my AFS server. The login name
> > is a member of system:administrators group, has 'ADMIN' flags,
> > although cannot write new data to volumes. I'm running open-afs
> > version 1.2.2 on RedHat 7.1. Could this be an OS related issue? I did
> > not have this problem when running on Solaris 2.6. Any information
> > would be greatly appreciated.
> Well, if it's just for FTP, there's no reason to have the ADMIN flag set.
> That's just for kas interaction.
> What FTP server are you using?  I've found that for things running out of
> inetd, something like
> ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/afsws/bin/pagsh pagsh -c /usr/sbin/wu.ftpd
> helps make sure a PAG is set (requires modification for RH's xinetd).  I
> assume you're using AFS PAM for ftp authentication?
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