[OpenAFS] Problem installing openAFS 1.2.2b server on win2k

Dave Bailey D.Bailey@bristol.ac.uk
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 16:06:52 -0000

Hi all,

I'm having trouble with a test setup of openafs server on win2k SP2 (with
SP2SRP1). The machine is set up with an internal IP number, is
running DNS and all networking seems OK.

The machine is on it's own subnet, not connected to the outside world and is
the PDC of a new domain. I've installed openafs 1.2.2b on it, selecting all
options from installshield. That works fine. Reboot the machine. All OK.

Now I try to run the server configuration wizard. First thig I get is an
error about not being able to create the logfile. OK, I carry on. All seems
OK until the final step of starting the database server. The install then
hangs and fails with error 0x4634 (time out) trying to start the BOS server.

When I look in the installation folder, there are lots of new folders
created with names like server@afsconfdir... seems to me like there is a
problem with the installshield kit for 1.2.2b server.

Any suggestions?

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