[OpenAFS] AFS Workshop at Usenix'02

Esther Filderman ecf@psc.edu
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 20:41:42 -0500

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The AFS Workshops bring together administrators and programmers of
OpenAFS and Arla to discuss development and progress of software that
is growing both in use and usability.  The next AFS Workshop will take
place over two days, Tuesday, June 11 and Wednesday, June 12 at the
Usenix Technical Conference in Monterey, California.

Previous AFS Workshops have covered such topics as various methods of
authentication, Multi-Resident AFS [MR-AFS], backups, client stability
and configuration, replacing ubik, as well as future work on OpenAFS
and Arla.  As some of the key players in both OpenAFS and Arla attend
the Workshops, these discussions can and do affect the course of

Attendance is limited to 50 people.  The cost is $100 for those
registered for the Conference and $350 for those just attending the
Workshop. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

To apply to attend the AFS Workshop, send email to
afs-workshop@psc.edu.  Your email must contain at least one of:

       - A proposal for a short talk to present about work done, in
        progress, or being considered
       - A list of topics you would like to be
        discussed, time permitting

See http://www.psc.edu/~ecf/afs-workshop/ for further details and updates.