[OpenAFS] Cannot create new files. Openafs 1.2.3-final2, Debian testing.

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
27 Mar 2002 10:36:12 -0500

There is a known bug in OpenAFS-1.2.3 in that it does not work with
Linux 2.2.x.  I believe a fix has been committed to CVS, but a new
release has not been made.


Robert Suetterlin <robert@mpe.mpg.de> writes:

> Hello!
> 	I'm using Openafs 1.2.3 with Debian (testing).  When I try to create a new file on afs I get the error mesage 'no such file or directory'.
> I used kernel 2.2.14 - 2.2.20 and openafs-modules-1.2.3-final2 compiled from debian source packages, and openafs-client-1.2.3-final2 from debian binary package.
> I do have the necessary unix permissions, afs acl rights, tokens, quota, free space on cache dircetory.
> I can overwrite existing files.
> Using a tool of our afs sysadmin (who does not admin Debian) we found out, that if I try to copy data to an existing file everything works fine, but once I try t copy to a new file nothing happens.  That means there is no network (afs low level protocol) traffic at all.
> 	Also using a tool of our afs sysadmin we tested writing to afs without using the cache manager.  The results are the same.
> Using the arla client I can create new files, using the cache manager and normal file methods and using the arla-client, which also transfers directly over afs low level network protokol.
> I guess that means my openafs api is somehow not working properly.  I do not know how to further diagnose or debug this problem, or what information I should give in addition.
> Regards, Robert S.
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