[OpenAFS] Need to Combine AFS Database & File Servers

Joseph E Ramus ramus@es.net
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 21:52:54 -0800

Thanks Derek & Marcus.

I will have the AFS Service Down during this upgrade procedure.
I can do that because we have a small number of users.

Our AFS service is not heavily used so I think the Performance
will be spiffy even with combined DB & File servers.  We do have
well endowed machines.  Sun Enterprise 450 Ultra-4, 512 MB memory.

I will look at  "vos changeaddr" to see if that will handle the
VLDB conversion when I change the IP address of the File Servers.

> Joseph E Ramus <ramus@es.net> writes:
> > 1. Move the Database Servers to  4, 5, 6
> > 2. Shut down 1, 2, 3
> > 3. Change the Name & IP addresses so that 4, 5, 6 become 1, 2, 3

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Worse, every client will need to be restarted after step 2/3 because
> you are changing you DB servers' IP addresses.  Either that, or your
> clients will not be able to contact your cell between steps 2 and 3.
> -derek

Marcus Watts wrote:
> Incidently, putting all your files on your DB servers will greatly slow
> down restart time and will likely reduce overall performance (unless
> you have very well endowed machines.)  You really want your DB servers
> to be as spiffy as possible, because everything else depends on their
> performance.  You also want to be careful not to overload the network
> interfaces, because ubik behaves very badly if there's a load related
> problem that eats packets.
>                                         -Marcus Watts
>                                         UM ITCS Umich Systems Group

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