[OpenAFS] Need to Combine AFS Database & File Servers

Joseph E Ramus ramus@es.net
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 16:01:38 -0800

Thanks to all.
The bottom line is that AFS 3.6 File Server will figure out where
the Volumes are located after I move the DB servers to the File
Server hardware and change the IP addresses.
There is no need to use  `vos changeaddr'.

One important bit of advice is to keep the existing file
on each file server because it contains a UUID that is used in
the VLDB.

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Warren.Yenson@morganstanley.com wrote:
> Joseph,
> IIRC the `vos changeaddr' command was deprecated sometime around the
> release of AFS 3.5, at least for changing the IP address of a single
> interface machine.  Since then, the code to handle multiple interfaces
> means that the entries in the VLDB should be stored /registered
> automatically when you restart the machine.
> Here are some notes from the Transarc site which may help:
> http://www.transarc.ibm.com/Library/documentation/afs/3.6/unix/en_US/HTML/AdminGd/auagd008.htm#Header_160
> which mentions that ``The File Server automatically compiles a new list of
> interfaces, records them in the /usr/afs/local/sysid file, and registers
> them in its VLDB server entry.''
> Also, look at this page:
> http://www.transarc.ibm.com/Library/documentation/afs/3.5/unix/cmd/cmd243.htm
> which mentions ``Combining the command's -oldaddr and -newaddr arguments
> is no longer the recommended way to change the IP address registered for a
> single-homed file server machine.''
> I believe that all the multi-homed features in the current AFS do the
> right thing without having to use vos_changeaddr.
>               - Warren