[OpenAFS] Re: Need to Combine AFS Database & File Servers

Joseph E Ramus ramus@es.net
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 21:02:57 -0800

Well, thanks for calling  me a "yung'uns" but I remember the
Old Days too.  PDP8, IBM 709, punched cards, etc.
In those days, the computer filled a room and it was not as
powerful as my Laptop now.

The AFS upgrade that I'm working on now is my last big project.
Retirement comes next !!!!

Marcus Watts wrote:
> Warren.Yenson@morganstanley.com wrote:
> >
> > Joseph,
> >
> > IIRC the `vos changeaddr' command was deprecated sometime around the
> > release of AFS 3.5, at least for changing the IP address of a single
> > interface machine.
> Ah yes, well, I remember in in the oLD DAYS, we used to have t' have
> to haul all our bits around using only ...
> You yung'uns have it easy, 'tis all I can say.
>                         -Marcus Watts
>                         (not quite grey-haired, but getting there...)
>                         UM ITCS Umich Systems Group

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