[OpenAFS] /afs directory not updated on client-side, Debian sid

Michael Janssen (CS/MATH stud.) janssen@student.cns.uni.edu
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 22:59:30 -0500

Hello openafs-gurus: 

I'm setting up a simple AFS server and client on current debian sid.
I seem to have the server and client running ok (/afs mounts and I can 
see my cell on both server and client).  However, I created a few
volumes and mount points on the server, yet they don't show up on the

(names changed to protect the innocent :P)
I mounted the volumes thusly:
fs mkmount /afs/myserver/served1 test.served1
fs mkmount /afs/myserver/served2 test.served2

Here's what I get for `ls` on both sides:
myserver:~# ls /afs/myserver/
served1  served2  service  user

myclient:~# ls /afs/myserver/
service  user

I am logged into the kerberos on the client and `tokens` returns as 
expected.  I'd greatly appreciate any help you could offer.  I'll 
go back to pouring through the Administrator's Guide and other

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