[OpenAFS] /afs directory not updated on client-side, Debian sid

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
01 May 2002 23:03:28 -0400

Did you "vos release root.afs"?


Michael Janssen (CS/MATH stud.) <janssen@henon.cns.uni.edu> writes:

> Sorry, that was a DOH! moment.  I hadn't mounted /vicepa on boot.  I
> seem to have the same problem on client and server now. 
> In /afs/.myserver/: 
> served1  served2  service  user
> In /afs/myserver/:
> service  user
> `fs checkv` and `fs checkb` both print (on both client and server):
> All volumeID/name mappings checked.
> I can still read and write to /afs/.myserver/served[12] on both client
> and server sides, and fs lsmount /afs/.myserver/served[12] returns
> correctly in both places as well.
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