[OpenAFS] Re: AIX v3fshelper

Jan Hrabe hrabe@balrog.aecom.yu.edu
Fri, 3 May 2002 09:06:54 -0400

> probably. there's more or less not a chance we can have vfsckaix,
> sadly.
> > What are other people doing?  Is this even an issue?  Is there
> > any work being done on a v3fshelper in OpenAFS?
> you're probably the first person to really care about an aix
> fileserver.

I think there may be more of us running AFS on AIX. With IBM support 
pretty much gone, we were considering moving to OpenAFS (as we did on 
our Linux servers and clients). 

So far, with every AIX maintenance update, we just copied the old 
Transarc AFS 3.6 fsck utility back over the AIX updated version and 
it worked. There are two problems though. 

1) IBM may change the filesystem code enough to break the Transarc 
2) Transarc's fsck may not work with OpenAFS (now or in the future). 

Does it mean OpenAFS on AIX is not or will not be a viable option? 
Any clarification would be appreciated.


Jan Hrabe
Center for Advanced Brain Imaging
Orangeburg, NY