[OpenAFS] W2k server + Global drives mapping.

Lubos Kejzlar kejzlar@civ.zcu.cz
Mon, 6 May 2002 14:29:31 +0200 (CEST)

Hi all,
   according to OpenAFS 1.2.2b release notes 'global drive works under
NT/2000'. Unfortunately, I'm unable to make this option working :-(

Global drives defined via 'afscreds.exe' config tabs seems to be
connected only after users login and acts as any other ordinary AFS drive
mount (drives are shown in 'net use' list, an are not available if no user

(Actually, I'm able to create global drives, running once 'afscreds.exe -x'
from "Scheduled tasks" when no-one is logged-in. In this case, gl. drives
are not shown in 'net use' and are displayed as 'network drive' in
explorer window.)

Does someone has using 'global drives' option on W2k successfully??
Moreover, does someone using either this option or 'plain' OpenAFS drives
mappings on multiuser W2k server (running terminal services) successfully??

Because of high priority of supporting AFS space to our W2k users
(including multi-user W2k terminal services), ANY help or suggestion would
be really helpful for us!

Thank you _VERY_ much in advance for any help or suggestion!!

Best regards,

Lubos Kejzlar
System and Network Specialist

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