[OpenAFS] caching local data?

Pete Shinners pete@visionart.com
Mon, 06 May 2002 16:16:29 -0700

i'm likely to soon setup a small test network of afs. a 
couple questions come to mind before i get started...
but not questions that are holding me back from starting :]

based on what we'll be doing on the network, i'm thinking 
i'll want several of the beefier workstations on the network 
to be simple file servers as well as clients. i'm hoping afs 
will ignore the cache when the afs files are actually coming 
from a local disk? is that the case?

also, from everything i've read, it sounds best to keep the 
volume sizes smaller and more manageable. i'll have several 
projects on the network at any given time and each one will 
contain a lot of image data. i'm wondering what sort of 
volume sizes admins actually find practical for projects 
with large datasets?

anyways, from everything i've read it sounds like afs is 
going to be a huge step up from the current nfs situation. 
oh, one last thing, i've mainly been reading the Richard 
Campbell book "Andrew File System". my plan is after this to 
go to the online ibm docs and see if there's any 
differences. this book is excellent, but i notice written in 
1998. I've looked but haven't seen any nice listing of major 
feature changes over the years. is there something like that