[OpenAFS] unable to map drives in the W2K client

Janine Ovens eninaj@umich.edu
Tue, 7 May 2002 15:32:33 -0400

I just finished installing OpenAFS for WindowsNT client 1.2.2b on a W2K =
Pro workstation. After I am done configuring it I am able to start the =
service without any problem, and I can get tokens, but as soon as I try =
to map a drive, it returns the following error:
"AFS was unable to map the network drive to the specified path in AFS. =
Check to make sure the drive letter is not currently in use. Error: =

I tried using different drive letters, different paths, and even =
different cells but they all return the same message. The drives show up =
on the drive mapping list as being available, but as soon as I try to a) =
add a drive in addition to the two default drives (/afs and =
/afs/cellname/user) or b) click the checkbox next to a default drive =
mapping it errors out. I am able to map a Windows network drive using =
letters that return the error message through AFS. I have installed the =
same client (1.2.2b) on another W2K workstation with no trouble. The =
only main difference between the problem machine and my regular =
workstation is that the former has a RAID card and three striped drives. =
Any ideas?


Janine Ovens
Computer Systems Consultant
Economics and Geology