[OpenAFS] Kerberos Authentication with OpenAFS.

David Fulton dfulton25@attbi.com
Fri, 10 May 2002 18:17:47 -0600

What is the procedure for using Open AFS with an existing Kerberos 
Installation. I am currently running Sun Enterprise Authentication 
Mechanisim (Otherwise known as Kerberos 5) and am not quite sure what to 
do about getting AFS to use it instead of the builtin stuff. Also, I 
have a Win98 machine and can get tickets from it and a UNIX server can 
telnet -x and get encrypted connections. This supposedly means that 
Kerberos is set up properly. I am assuming it is just a matter of adding 
the right pricipal for the server to Kerberos and changing some of the 
binaries. Please let me know if I should beware of anything else. Also, 
what is the principal name I should use for the AFS server in Kerberos.

Thanks in advance,
    David Fulton