[OpenAFS] install problem under Redhat

EDV-Support Evangelisch Theologische Fakultšt Uni Bonn support@ev-theol.uni-bonn.de
Mon, 13 May 2002 17:39:37 +0200

hi all,

i try to install an OpenAFS Server under RedHat 7.3.
i installed the RPMS from openafs.org without problems.
but trying to start afs (/etc/init.d/afs start) i get the following
error messages:
Hmm...  I can't seem to find an AFS kernel module suitable for your Linux
kernel.  That means you will need to build or obtain a suitable module.
The following information may be of some use in obtaining assistance:
CPU Type:       686.amd.3
Linux version:  2.4.18-3 #1 Thu Apr 18 07:32:41 EDT 2002
RedHat release: Red Hat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla)
Symbol versions:
  iget4      17142487
  iget4      17142487
  sock_create 5056bd0b
Did not find matching module in SymTable
AFS module /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-3.o does not exist. Not
starting AFS.
is there a way to get it working? do i have to compile a new kernel?

tia and greetings