[OpenAFS] underlying FS type?

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
16 May 2002 11:24:29 -0400

For the AFS _SERVER_ (/vicepx) partitions, you should be able to use
any file system.  The only FS choice limitation is the cache partition
in the AFS _CLIENT_.  People have successfully used ext2, ext3,
reiserfs, and many other FSs for the afs server /vicepx partitions.


Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@bayour.com> writes:

> >>>>> "Pete" == Pete Shinners <pete@visionart.com> writes:
>     Pete> i'm wondering is there are any preferences for the
>     Pete> underlying filesystem used as AFS /vice partitions?
> I do know that XFS don't work (in the long run). My /vicepa is
> on XFS, and I had to restart the OpenAFS server every now and
> then (I got garbage when doing a ls in AFS space). Now I have
> a /vicepb, where all my volumes (exept root.*) is located. I
> don't do any WRITEs on /vicepa, so hopfully I won't have a
> problem any more... The idea is to move EVERYTHING to /vicepb, but
> I'm not quite sure if I can just move the root* volumes and
> dismounting (reformating) /vicepa...
> From what I've gathered on the list, ANY journaling FS won't work...
>     Pete> also, on the client end, is there anything better/worse for
>     Pete> the cache filesystem?
> Same reasons I think. I'm not quite sure if it was because /vicepa
> was on XFS or if the cache where. BOTH are now on ext2, and seems
> to work much better...
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