[OpenAFS] dtlogin krb5/aklog

Derek T. Yarnell derek@cs.umd.edu
Thu, 16 May 2002 18:08:43 -0400

I am having a problem where dtlogin is complaining that it can not access my
home dir (it is in afs) but login (console) works fine and so do ssh [1]. 
I am running pam_aklog as a session module, I think dtlogin is trying to access
my homedir before I have my tokens in the session module. Anyone have any ideas?

[1] Openssh

Finally got openssh to do krb5/forwardable tickets/aklog working. Openssh using
the pam calls and trying to do it as pam_aklog session module just does not work
on Solaris 8. Something is funky between Solaris 8's pam and Openssh implementation
of it. So I used the aklog system call idea and also hacked in fowardable tickets
into openssh (w/out pam) krb5 authenication. If anyone is interested I will send
the diffs.

Derek T. Yarnell
University of Maryland
Computer Science Department Unix Staff