[OpenAFS] 'vos dump VOLUME.backup' locks VOLUME, not VOLUME.backup!

Turbo Fredriksson turbo@bayour.com
17 May 2002 09:17:39 +0200

I wrote a script to either backup a specific volume, or all 
volumes. It create the backup volume 'VOLUME.backup', and mounts
that on 'MOUNTPOINT/OldFiles'. But it locks the VOLUME, not the
expected VOLUME.backup... And I can't seem to unlock it.

'vos unlock VOLUME' don't seem to work, and neither does 'vos unlockvldb'...

The idea is to backup the user(s) volume, but still allowing rw access
to the volume (incase a user is logged in). This is something I got from
the 'manual', but it don't work as I had expected, what am I missing?

It just released the lock, seems to be timed, took about 10 minutes or so...
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