[OpenAFS] **** Could not attach volume 536873478 ****

Michael Robokoff mrobo@ahpcrc.org
Fri, 17 May 2002 09:37:27 -0500

I was moving a users home directory from one server to another and
the move failed. The volume in the original location seems to be
intact. The problem is a volume with the same ID was created on
the other server. This orphaned volume does have some data in it
but it is a duplicate of the original which is still intact. The problem
is when I list the volumes on the server I the following message:

**** Could not attach volume 536873478 ****

I have tried running salvager but the volume remains. when I try
and do anything with the volume I get a message that the volume
is corrupted and I must run salvager.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can remove the
orphaned volume. Because when I try the move again it fails
I believe because that volume already exist.