[OpenAFS] What about Windows NT 4 + LINUX + KRB5 ???

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
21 May 2002 18:45:15 -0400

"Bones Fx" <flx-openafs@ifrance.com> writes:

> Ok. tell me if I'm stupid...
>    I went on the page "http://web.mit.edu/is/help/kfw" where it's
> written : 
>        To download the installer, you must be a member of the MIT
> community and have an MIT Certificate. 
> I'm not ;-)

Right, this is the internal Information Systems page, not the external
Kerberos for Windows page.

> Then on the main page ( web.mit.edu/kerberos/www/ ) I don't find any
> link about KfW... and I can't access to Kerberos sources and binaries
> because i'm not US or Canada resident...... (I'm a stupid frenchy....)

Ahh, well, that's not something we can easily fix.  You can search the
web for an international copy somewhere, or you can wait for MIT lawyers
to change their minds.

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