[OpenAFS] AFS on Win9x: kerberos configuration?

Peter Bloecher (EED) Peter.Bloecher@eed.ericsson.se
Thu, 23 May 2002 15:10:41 +0200


as a followup to my problem posted yesterday (user doesn't exist):
Having played around with the auxiliary programs a little bit it seems
to me that the problem is caused by kerberos problems.

My guess is that kerberos derives the authentification server name from
the domain name, which is a problem since the cell I want to connect
to has a name DIFFERENT from the domain name AND there is in fact a cell
which has the same name as the domain name. 

In other words: I think that the client talks to the wrong authentification
server, and thus does not find my username (since I have no account on that

Is there any way to configure the authentification server on Win9x?
On Unix, there are  /etc/krb.realms and /etc/krb.conf . Is there anything

Any help greatly appreciated...


"Peter Bloecher (EED)" wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to run the OpenAFS client (1.2.2b) for Win9x on a Win98 box.
> Trying to authenticate fails; the message is
>   "Unable to authenticate to AFS because: 'User doesn't exist'"
> Please find enclosed the relevant sections of afscli.log and afsd_init.log.
> Needless to say: accessing AFS from my SUN workstation does work
> using the same user name(s)/password(s) & the same ThisCell / CellServDB.
> Any help is highly welcome.
> Best regards,
> /Peter
> PS: please CC me on the mail
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