[OpenAFS] Creating an AFP Gateway to AFS with Mac OS X

Thomas Vincent shetomv@Pacbell.net
Thu, 23 May 2002 08:25:39 -0700

I believe http://MacOSXLabs.org has documentation on doing just that.


On Thursday, May 23, 2002, at 07:32  AM, Bart Loeb wrote:

> Hello All.
> My thanks to the Open source movement that I am even able to write this
> email, to even consider that such a group would exist, that something like
> this may be possible.
> Here's the situation. The Univ. of Notre Dame is wanting to replace some
> very old Sun Solaris hardware that is running a very old version of netatalk
> to allow classic Mac OS 9 and earlier clients connect to AFS through their
> choosers. We have four translators that use this method.
> My desire is to replace the Sun boxes with one or two Mac OS X servers
> connecting to AFS through the Open Afs client and providing the same
> functionality to Mac OS 9 and earlier clients that the Sun boxes did.
> Notre Dame supports a home directory and institutional file space for our
> users in AFS. So when a user picks a netatalk translator in the Chooser, he
> gives his afs-id and password, which then netatalk presents these two shares
> to the user as AFP (Apple File Protocol, ie Appletalk) volumes.
> Since Mac OS X speaks AFP natively, would it be possible to eliminate the
> netatalk part of the equation, bind a Mac OS X server to afs for
> authentication and file services, and present the user running the older
> version of Mac OS the fileshares that the user expects? Perhaps even with
> much greater speed and reliability than the translators could offer?
> My expertise is in the classic Mac OS world. I am learning unix, and working
> hard to gain knowledge on the inner workings of Mac OS X and Mac OS X
> server. At the recommendation of one of my coworkers, I am starting this
> project with an inquiry to all of you.
> Have any of you tried anything like the above scenario? Where do I start on
> this? My initial thought would be the following:
>     1. On Mac OS X Server, install Open Afs
>     2. Bind authentication on the Mac OS X server to Kerberos or our Sun
>        Netinfo, /etc side. (Yes, I need help here, as I am unsure of even
>        how to properly frame the question, let alone where to start on the
>        binding).
>     3. Configure the Server to provide the correct afs shares when clients
>        connect to it for file services.
> Number 1 seems easy, I have an OS X server already running. I am looking for
> help and advice on the rest of this setup. Anything you may be able to offer
> will be greatly appreciated and mentioned in all documentation related to
> this project.
> thanks for reading this, and anything you may offer,
> Bart
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