[OpenAFS] RPM install nukes my CellSrvDB!

Paul Blackburn mpb@est.ibm.com
Fri, 24 May 2002 15:38:28 +0100


You assume that only people who publish their CellServDB
will be installing OpenAFS? Wrong.

I agree with Steven Hirsch: CellServDB is a configuration file
and RPM should not stomp all over it.
paul                         http://acm.org/~mpb

Derek Atkins wrote:

>"Steven N. Hirsch" <shirsch@adelphia.net> writes:
>>Title says it..  This is a long-standing problem.  Proper behavior should 
>>be to create a *.rpmnew variant and squawk about it on the console.
>Personally I disagree that this is a problem.  I don't consider the
>CellServDB to be a config file, per se, and I _want_ RPM to update the
>file automatically on my machines.
>Consider this an incentive for cells to publish their CellServDB
>information, either in DNS via AFSDB records, of in the
>grand.central.org CellServDB.  :-)