[OpenAFS] Strategies for Migrating from IBM AFS to OpenAFS

Douglas E. Engert deengert@anl.gov
Fri, 24 May 2002 14:14:11 -0500

Since IBM will be dropping support for AFS, we will need to convert to OpenAFS.
We are not along, but I have not seen many comments in the list about conversion.

Client don't seam to be a problem, but there are questions about 
server compatibly:

 Is a conversion as simple as just updating the /usr/afs/bin with the new binaries
 like we used to do with a new Transarc code? 

 Can I update individual database servers and run in a mixed mode?
 Or do I have to update all database servers at once? 

 Is there any data conversion needed with the databases? Is
 it reversable? 

 Can I update the file servers separate from the database servers?

 Do have have to change or move any of the volumes on the file servers or
 file servers? 

 Are the backup tapes compatible? 

 What is the fall back strategy? Once running OpenAFS, can I go back to
 AFS if there are problems? 

I am looking for stories form others who have made the conversion. I fear that
the longer we wait, the more troublesome it will be as the two products diverge.  


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