[OpenAFS] This must be simple, but...

Steven N. Hirsch shirsch@adelphia.net
Sat, 25 May 2002 09:30:33 -0400 (EDT)


Can anyone suggest a method for easily creating an "alias" (usually a 
symlink in root.afs) when mounting a cell using -dynroot?  I can now 
access my employers private AFS servers over a VPN connection, but the 
pertinent paths spring into life under the fully-qualified cell name (e.g. 
foo.bar.com).  On my own personal cell, I'm able to create symbolic links 
in root.afs in the form foo --> foo.bar.com and save typing.  Similarly, 
at work the admins have all these aliases in place and many of my scripts 
and applications assume them.

When using dynroot, the enterprise cells spring into existance only with 
the full name - breaking a buch of things.  I suspect I'm missing 
something obvious, but I can't grasp how to make the alias appear 
dynamically as well.

Any hints are appreciated.