[OpenAFS] $HOME Directory suddenly contains only orphaned entries (Update)

Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs 6delgado@informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Sat, 25 May 2002 16:58:52 +0200


Sorry for the long lines... did i mention my home is trashed? The editor
on this box is not configured to autowrap lines correctly.. Doh!

On Sat, May 25, 2002 at 01:52:49PM +0200,  Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs  wrote:
> I do regular backups for all volumes at 5:30 with "vos backupsys". This backup
> seemed to have run without problems tonight.
Funny i thought that...

I just noticed that there is no backup volume user.friedel.backup anymore, so
apparently the backup has failed.

vos listvldb shows a backup volume for user.friedel, vos listvol does not.

I also noticed that the salvager seems to get started every hour, apparently
because there are problems with the fileserver.

The fileserver reports problems upon starting:

Sat May 25 16:49:26 2002 File server starting
Sat May 25 16:50:56 2002 Cannot initialize RX

This looks pretty fubared...

I used the installation scripts afs-newcell and afs-rootvol, that
came with the debian package, to set up my cell and the root volumes.

abrasax:~# bos status abrasax
Instance ptserver, currently running normally.
Instance vlserver, currently running normally.
Instance fs, currently running normally.
	Auxiliary status is: file server running.
Instance backupall, currently running normally.
	Auxiliary status is: run next at Sun May 26 05:30:00 2002.
abrasax:~# bos status abrasax backupall -long -localauth
Instance backupall, (type is cron) currently running normally.
	Auxiliary status is: run next at Sun May 26 05:30:00 2002.
	Command 1 is '/usr/bin/vos backupsys -localauth'
	Command 2 is '5:30'

What additional information can i give you to diagnose the problem?

Best Regards
		Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs