[OpenAFS] Moving root.*.readonly from /vicepa to /vicepb

Turbo Fredriksson turbo@bayour.com
28 May 2002 16:08:54 +0200

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Pfaffel <flash@itp.tu-graz.ac.at> writes:

    Christian> # vos addsite papadoc vicepb root.afs
    Christian> # vos remsite papadoc vicepb root.afs
    Christian> same for root.cell

>>>>> "Derek" == Derek Atkins <warlord@MIT.EDU> writes:

    Derek> Correct, you cannot 'move' a readonly.  Use this process:

    Derek> vos addsite server b volume
    Derek> vos release volume
    Derek> vos remove server a volume.readonly

Oki, so before I fuck my AFS system up, let's verify.

----- s n i p -----
vos addsite papadoc vicepb root.afs
vos addsite papadoc vicepb root.cell

vos release root.cell
vos release root.afs                    < Shouldn't be done?

vos remsite papadoc vicepa root.afs     < Christian said 'vicepb' here to.. ?
vos remsite papadoc vicepa root.cell    < Christian said 'vicepb' here to.. ?
----- s n i p -----

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