[OpenAFS] Moving root.*.readonly from /vicepa to /vicepb

Broughton, Travis V tvb@intel.com
Tue, 28 May 2002 08:01:17 -0700

> "Broughton, Travis V" <tvb@intel.com> writes:
> > Don't use addsite and remsite on released volumes.  You 
> want remove.  Once
> > you've released the volume, 'vos remsite' will remove the 
> VLDB pointer but
> > not the on-disk data.
> Um, you have to use addsite to add new sites...  So, "don't use
> addsite" seems a bit strong.

D'oh.  You're right -- I didn't mean to include "addsite"; I was thinking of
'don't use remsite or zap', but zap doesn't really apply here.

> > Also, you can't have multiple RO instances on a single 
> server, so addsite
> > before remsite/remove won't (shouldn't) work.
> I don't believe this is correct.  It is certainly true that it doesn't
> buy you much in terms of reliability or failover if you have multiple
> RO instances on a single server, but there is no prohibition in the
> protocol or implementation that would limit this.

Did something change between IBM AFS and OpenAFS?

auslx043:tvb> vos exa root.cell
root.cell                         536870915 RW         25 K  On-line
    auscad01.an.intel.com /vicepa 
    RWrite  536870915 ROnly  536870916 Backup  536870917 
    MaxQuota      10000 K 
    Creation    Fri Mar 10 08:25:54 2000
    Last Update Mon Jan 21 11:16:58 2002
    301 accesses in the past day (i.e., vnode references)

    RWrite: 536870915     ROnly: 536870916     Backup: 536870917 
    number of sites -> 7
       server auscad01.an.intel.com partition /vicepa RW Site 
       server ausafs01.an.intel.com partition /vicepa RO Site 
       server ausafs02.an.intel.com partition /vicepa RO Site 
       server auscad02.an.intel.com partition /vicepa RO Site 
       server auscad01.an.intel.com partition /vicepa RO Site 
       server ausafs07.an.intel.com partition /vicepa RO Site 
       server ausafs08.an.intel.com partition /vicepa RO Site 
auslx043:tvb> vos addsite auscad01 b root.cell
RO already exists on partition /vicepa. Multiple ROs on a single server
aren't allowed
VOLSER: illegal operation
Error in vos addsite command.
VOLSER: illegal operation