[OpenAFS] Mac OS X: Home directory on AFS

Martin Ott ott@in.tum.de
Thu, 30 May 2002 10:16:10 +0200

> Now I want to move the users' home directories to AFS, and this is where I
> am hitting the wall: it appears that basically all I have to do is to call
> aklog at the "right" step during login procedure -- unfortunately I have
> so far been unsuccessful in finding this "right" step.

loginwindow.app provides a -LoginHook facility. See Apple's documentation:


Here you find an example (no AFS):


I don't know if it works when you run aklog in the LoginHook script. In the 
case that it works, it would give a token only via the graphical login. If 
you also want a token during a remote login this setup will not work.

Mac OS X "Jaguar" includes PAM. So we should be able to compile the PAM AFS 
modules for Mac OS X "Jaguar" and then have a authentication facility 
similiar to other Unixes.

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