[OpenAFS] CopyOnWrite failed. Workarounds?

Matthew Andrews matt@slackers.net
Tue, 28 May 2002 08:19:29 -0700

Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs wrote:

 >If i fail to resolve this issue, i'd have to decide not to use afs, 
since regular lossage
 >of this dimension is clearly not desirable. ;-)
 >From the other posts, i noticed a few points which might be helpful:
 >	- Don't use backup volumes. Marco Foglia clearly stated that the problem 
	arises when the backup volumes are removed.
 >	  This probably means that in a smaller installation i will take regular 
 >	  directly from the home volumes, instead of using the backup volumes. 
Are there
 >	  any negative side-effects to be expected, i.e. because a mail delivery 
 >	  might hang in iowait for a long time, processes might timeout, etc.?
 >	- I can't see clearly whether using a single threaded fileserver (is 
this the
 >	  same as the lwp fileserver?) will help. Several posters hinted in this 
 >	  but hoffman@cs.pitt.edu in 
<200203182232.g2IMWil23214@frack.cs.pitt.edu> stated
 >	  that it might make things worse.
In our experience, the lwp fileserver does not help with this problem.
we have however seen the problem dissapear almost entirely since we
stopped delivering mail into afs however. I suggest using an IMAP server
or similar to store your mail, but untill this bug is actually fixed,
you might/probably want to avoid delivering mail into an afs directory.
I'm still not sure if it's just the creation of message files, or if
it's the procmail lockfiles that trigger this, but there definitely
seems to be a correlation between mail delivery and filesystem corruption.

just my 2 cents.

-Matthew Andrews

 >What else could help me get around the problem, whilst retaining most 
of afs's functionality?
 >Best Regards