[OpenAFS] comments on OSX support?

Doug Nordwall doug@pnl.gov
Tue, 28 May 2002 09:02:14 -0700

The mac  os x client requires you to klog in manually as far as I know. 
Otherwise, it just works :)

win2k works AFAIK as well
On Monday, May 27, 2002, at 07:56 PM, John Bleichert wrote:

> Hello All
> Can anyone comment on the functionality of the OSX AFS client? I'm 
> thinking of trying it out on my Mac. I don't want to use it for login 
> authentication, but I would like to be able to access my AFS cell from 
> my Mac.
> Any input appreciated! Ditto for the Win2k client (somebody asked me if 
> it worked, I dunno - I don't have a win-box).
> Thanks - JB
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