[OpenAFS] ssh+afs logins fail on IRIX 6.5.15

Dave McMurtrie dgm+@pitt.edu
Thu, 30 May 2002 10:50:10 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 30 May 2002, Charles Clancy wrote:

> These only help if you already have an AFS token or Kerberos 4 TGT on the
> system you are SSH-ing from, and your SSH client is configured to pass it.
> Otherwise, there's nothing to pass.  


> As far as I know, OpenSSH can't get an AFS token automatically, unless
> you somehow have it run afslog, as I mentioned earlier.

I don't believe openssh, by itself, will ever try to obtain an AFS token 
automatically.  If you link it with PAM support, it can obtain one for you 
via pam_afs.

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