[OpenAFS] Performance compared to ext2

Paul Blackburn mpb@est.ibm.com
Thu, 30 May 2002 19:48:51 +0100

0) [optional step depending on how much RAM you have] - install extra RAM
1) use an AFS RAM cache (add "-memcache" to afsd options)
2) "prime" the RAM cache before you make your kernel
    eg: traverse all the files used in the build, copying to /dev/null
    This loads the RAM cache with files ready for speedier build

Perhaps, like me, you may build the kernel, tweak a setting and build it 
(a few times) then you notice the benefit of the source files being cached.
paul                                  http://acm.org/mpb

Jacob Gorm Hansen wrote:

>I setup a project to compile a linux kernel in AFS space.
>The same machine acted as server and client, so no actual network traffic 
>was involved.
>However, AFS was more than twice as slow as ext2, when running make in the
>linux2.2 source tree without changed files.
>I would understand that an actual compile would be slower in AFS, due to the
>lack of write caching and so on, but what I'm doing here is basically just
>stat() a lot of files, and I don't see why this is so much slower than ext2.
>The cache size is 250MB.
>Any suggestions on how to make this run any faster?
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