[OpenAFS] Some questions about AFS backups

Mike Aldrich maldrich@reserveamerica.com
Fri, 31 May 2002 09:01:13 -0400

Although, when I try to append the initial /sunday dump with 'backup dump=
<volset> /sunday/monday 0 -append', the butc process is looking for a tap=
labeled 'volset.monday.1'. The tape in the drive has the label=20
volset.sunday.1. Any idea why the -append flag isn't working correctly?

> Mike Aldrich <maldrich@reserveamerica.com> writes:
> > This is where I got an error. I cannot dump a volume if it hasn't bee=
> > cloned since the last dump?
> No, since you are (or should) dump the backup volumes, it does not
> make sense to dump them a second time if they are not changed.
> > When are volumes cloned? Is that something I can configure?
> Use "vos backup" or "vos backupsys" to reclone. Have a look at "bos
> status <servername> -long" to see wether you set up a bos cron job for =
> See the IBM manual for how to set up a nightly job for recloning, by
> the use of the bos daemon.
> Yours,